How to Draw Fashion Illustrations


  1. Draw a body template. If you will be drawing a lot of clothes, you will not want to draw the body every time- just the clothes. But drawing clothes without the body sometimes results in incorrectly proportioned results.
  2. If you doubt your ability, simply trace one from a book or magazine or ask a skilled friend to do it for you.
  3. Scan your body drawing. if you have computer skills, put it in Photoshop or other similar application and make it so that there are 4-8 of the body on the page. Print a few sheets out. If you aren nott a computer whiz, just photocopy
  4. You can start by drawing clothes you want, things you have seen that you liked, or how you would modify your own clothes if you could. 
  5. If you like the drawing, you can outline it in black and add color.

illustration by Anik Pujiati