The Fashion Figure is not the same with The Human Figure

The Fashion Figure is not the same with The Human Figure
There is a vast difference between the fashion figure and the human figure. 

The greatest difference is in the height of the two figures. 

The fashion figure is always taller, more graceful and more seductive in line.

The variance in other ways may be summed up in a few words: the fashion figure is higher busted, broader and squarer shouldered, and narrower, very narrow, in the hips. The proportions vary from season to season to exploit more perfectly the current modes, but these are the general high points to remember.

The average human figure is seven and one-half heads tall, whereas a fashion figure may be from eight to ten heads tall, - in extreme mannequin types, as many as twelve heads. 

However, the height of the fashion figure should be governed by the length of the head and the width of the shoulders. This added height lends sophistication, grace and smartness to the figure - qualities that are envied by the majority of women and therefore enhance the appeal of an advertisement.