The easy way to wear the hijab for beginners

There are many ways of wearing the hijab. It depends on what type of hijab a person wears and what style they want to tie it.

Wearing a hijab does not have to be a complicated task. We will first introduce the simpler styles of how to wear a hijab.

First,  using a simple square hijab which means the length and the widths of the hijab are equal. Place the hijab on a flat surface and fold it across a corner meaning lift one corner and drag it across to the diagonally opposite corner of the hijab. Lift the hijab which is in triangular shape by holding the two ends across and place it over your head bringing both ends to the sides of your face. Tie a knot at the bottom or use a hijab pin to attach the two ends together. This is probably the most basic way to wear hijabs.

Second,  using a long hijab. Long hijabs are rectangular in shape and so it is obvious as to what side goes on the sides of the face. Hold the long hijab at two points close to the centre of the hijab and place the hijab over your head. Take both ends across your chin to the other sides and throw back the remaining ends or tie them at the back of your neck. If you prefer you can bring the ends back in front and hide them in your Jilbab. This is a very popular way to wear the hijab.

Thirdly, the hijab sidekick style. In this style a long hijab is used once again. Hold the hijab at two points three quarter of the length down and place it over your head. You will notice that one end is longer than the other. While holding the shorter length wrap the longer end of the hijab firmly around your head attach a hijab pin wherever the length ends. Take the shorter end and wrap it around the neck over the other side and push it into the back end of your hijab which will hold it since it is firmly tied. This style creates a neat and elegant look and is a simple way to wear the hijab.


These are probably the most basic styles that a person can start, and in fact, there are many other ways of wearing the hijab. A person can use their creativity to realise new styles integrated with their individual lifestyle.